Recharging The Soul—Our Main Reason for Being Alive

“Your soul is all that you possess. Take it in hand and make something of it!” ~ Martin H. Fischer



Soul and spirit can be used interchangeably. The word soul is derived from Old English sáwol and from the Greek psych, meaning consciousness, spirit, life. ¹  By recharging our soul we become mindful of what is around us.

When I’m recharging my soul, I observe nature around me in its splendor and as a life-giving gift, such as the way the sun rises when I begin my walk by six in the morning, This walk in nature gives me time each day to reflect on my mission and goals in life. I’m also able to observe the trees and see their growth from the last year or the last number of months, the pond where ducks frolic in the water, and the birds in their jaunts from tree to tree.
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We are beings that strive every day to improve ourselves, to care for others, and to better our lots. As we wake each day, our heads are bursting with tasks that need to be done. But we also need to take care of ourselves, and I’m not speaking only of a healthy diet, exercise, and a good night’s sleep, though those are essential things to practice. What I’m speaking of is reaching deep inside ourselves to touch the essence of what makes us a living thing—touching our soul, the embodiment of what makes us human.

IMG_0277A Peaceful Scene

While we’re busy at our everyday tasks: work, family, and sideline interests such media and social life, we’re not in touch with our soul. We forget the most important part of what makes us human and sacred. We forget the soul. And thus, accomplishing tasks without the driving force of the soul is tantamount to fulfilling a robot’s mission in life.

IMG_0254Infinite Walk

And what is the soul? The ancient Greeks believed that the soul gave the incorporeal or spiritual “breath” that animated the living organism. This soul embodies our aspirations in life and our intensity for living—that which gives us the vitality and the drive to continue striving.

IMG_0324Life-giving Waters

As we wake each day to a new life and a new existence, we need to recharge our souls. There are many avenues for recharging the soul. It could be through spiritual or ritual prayers, or through giving the soul space from our tasks for the day. Walking among nature can be very soothing for the soul. We can see the mirror image of life’s forces also thriving in the souls in plants and animals.


Nature recharges not only our souls, but also puts us in touch with our deepest wishes and desires in life. When we walk in nature, we ought to take the time to observe all around us. See how the plants fulfill their existence: their heads reach toward the sun peeking through branches and through trees. See the grasses vying with the plants around them and trying to live among them. Reach and touch a flower and see its intricate petals and buds about to open to a new life. Feel the texture, the moisture of colorful petals, as if discovering them for the first time.

IMG_0326A Calming Scene

When the soul finds space and is able to express itself, that’s when we become a total being living in the moment. We become attuned to life around us and feel it with new intensity. Perceptions become deeper, and we can feel all life thriving around us, including our own.

Make time to recharge your soul daily, weekly, or even just now and then. You will find that your complete physical wellbeing will improve, and with it your mental outlook on your existence will expand exponentially.

Now go and recharge your soul.

Nature’s Sunset

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