CHAUCER 2014 FIRST IN CATEGORY Award Winner Lilian Gafni for “The Alhambra Decree: Flower from Castile”

First Place Category Winner for the CHAUCER AWARDS 2014 for Historical Fiction

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The Flower from Castile Trilogy Raises New Questions About Columbus’ World


September 7, 2011 – A beautiful young Spanish noblewoman is kidnapped before her wedding and learns she may not be who she thinks she is. Who is she? And how does her identity involve Christopher Columbus—and even Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand? The Alhambra Decree, the first book of the Flower from Castile Trilogy, takes readers to the homes and castles of kings, caliphs and Jews to show the surprising answer.

The drama plays out against the backdrop of the grueling Inquisition and expulsion of Jews from Queen Isabella’s Spain in 1492. Columbus wants money for his explorations. Torquemada, the Inquisitor, wants Spain “cleansed” of all heretics. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella want Grenada back from the Moors.

The sweeping first book of the trilogy brings new life and questions to history you thought you knew. Lilian portrays tender new love in the midst of cruelty, sorrow and loss, illuminating hope in the midst of darkness. Lilian Gafni writes with passion about the experiences of displaced Jewish populations because she once was displaced herself. She was born in Cairo, Egypt, where Jews had lived peacefully for centuries. A dangerous current that threatened the lives of Jews began coursing through the city when she was young. Her parents moved the family to the newly formed Jewish country of Israel and Lilian had to adapt to a new life, a new country, and a new language.

Lilian Gafni’s studies in Clinical Psychology helped her write a highly successful book, Living a Blissful Marriage. She found her passion for writing historical fiction when she worked with the Commission on Soviet Jewry to help free Soviet Jews from the regime’s religious suppression in the 1970s. Her second book, Hello Exile, tells the story of a young Jewish woman exiled to Siberia.

Thousands of voices have been brutally silenced through the ages. It is Lilian’s wish that they now be heard.

The Alhambra Decree can be compared to the memorable The Last Jew by Noah Gordon and with the power and drama of Leon Uris’ Exodus.’”



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Flower from Castile Book Three - A Safe Haven front cover by Lilian Gafni Flower from Castile Book Two - The New World front cover by Lilian Gafni Flower from Castile Book One - The Alhambra Decree front cover by Lilian Gafni Lillian Gafni Author Photo Living a Blissful Marriage: 24 Steps to Happiness by Lilian GafniHello Exile by Lilian GafniFlower from Castile Book One - The Alhambra Decree full cover by Lilian GafniFlower from Castile Book Three - A Safe Haven full cover by Lilian Gafni