Living a Blissful Marriage: 24 Steps to Happiness

Living a Blissful Marriage: 24 Steps to HappinessTitle: Living a Blissful Marriage: 24 Steps to Happiness
Genre/Keywords: Non-Fiction
Length: 248 pages
Publisher: Lifeline Publishing Books
Release date: February 1, 2001
ISBN-10: 0970273509
ISBN-13: 978-0970273505
Extras: Goodreads * Excerpt
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Book Summary:
Lilian Gafni guides couples step by step on how to take control of their relationship and how to create the marriage they hoped it would be. She shows how to eliminate false expectations, misconceptions and illusions about marriage. Filled with inspirational exercises, genealogical charts, and including a marriage contract a couple can draft on their own as a commitment to their love for each other. This companion book teaches couples how to avoid trouble spots, to rekindle love and passion in the marriage, and to set a foundation for trust between the partners. Gafni also provides lists of tips for avoiding antagonizing communication for each spouse, stressing the importance of compassionate interaction between partners. Happiness in the marriage brings self-growth as each partner learns to rise above conflicts and become self-actualized as well as being able to reach goals in life.




“A companion book to help couples with problems in their marriage; and teach couples how to enhance a satisfying marriage.” -Henry Berry, Editor, The Small Press Book Review

“A wonderful, informative book, and a must for all married couples. Your partner may thank you for it!” -Jennifer LB Leese, A Storyweaver Book Review

“An engaging and enjoyable, easy-to-read book with a positive mission that it accomplishes.” -Writer’s Digest Awards

“Convincing and exceptionally clear descriptions of the major reasons why marriages fail and what can be done to prevent it.” -Napra Review

“Easy, practical steps to overcome marital problems. Gafni knows how to make marriage work. Her own marriage lasted 40 years.” -Alan Caruba, Editor,

“Lilian Gafni breathes new life into existing marriages.” -Laurelei Riippe, Editor, Publishers Weekly

“Very highly recommended reading for anyone contemplating marriage or seeking to improve the quality of their married life.” -The Midwest Book Review