“Writers help summon people to a vision of human betterment . . . They create an awareness not just to things as they are, but as they ought to be.”

~Norman Cousins

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You’ll find yourself in Siberia as you read the novel Hello Exile. A woman is sent on a perilous journey to a frozen land for crimes she didn’t commit.

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Flower from Castile Trilogy: The Alhambra Decree

First Place Category Winner for CHAUCER AWARDS 2014 for Historical Fiction


Flower from Castile Trilogy: The New World

Short Listed for CHAUCER AWARDS 2016 for Historical Fiction



       Flower from Castile Trilogy: The        Alhambra Decree. Finalist in the John E  Weaver Excellent Reads Award for  Historical Fiction.                                             



       2017 Finalist Flower from Castile Trilogy: The   Alhambra Decree Book One


Short Listed for 2017

Flower from Castile Trilogy: A Safe Haven Book Three


Flower from Castile Trilogy: The Alhambra Decree Book One

Shelf Unbound Notable 100 Authors Best Book for 2018