Hello Exile: Based On A True Life Story

Hello ExileTitle: Hello Exile
Genre/Keywords: Fiction
Length: 345 pages
Publisher: Lifeline Publishing Books
Release date: December 22, 2013
ISBN-10: 1468116568
ISBN-13: 978-1468116564
ASIN: 1468116568
Extras: Goodreads
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Book Summary: 
Can one woman fight an entire government state and win in the end? One woman did just that and more. Klara Abramovitch waited seven years to obtain an exit visa from the Soviet Union. At a refusenik meeting for Russians who have been refused emigration, she meets and falls in love with Grigory Kuperovitch who alters her destiny. Desperate for the authorities to let her go, she rebels and protests her plight publicly–committing the unpardonable offense for disturbing the peace. Instead of a visa the Russian authorities sentence her to four years in Siberian exile, away from the man she loves, and where few return alive. “There was no difference between an animal led to a slaughterhouse or a penned-in exile. To her, one took life away; the other broke the human spirit–the essence for survival.” Klara learns that survival is dependent on her will to adapt to the harsh Siberian winters and loneliness by corresponding with other prisoner of conscience. She devises an ingenious way to mail letters to other prisoner’s camps with secret messages. Klara Abramovitch becomes the angel for prisoners of conscience. While a prisoner herself, she’s still able to help other prisoners by relaying information back and forth to their loved ones in Moscow. Will Klara survive the Siberian wilderness to be reunited with Grigory back in Moscow? The answer lies in what happens next.


“A spellbound saga. This story truly expresses the suffering and the adversary. The triumph of Klara is inspirational to say the least. The writer did a wonderful job capturing the spirit of the struggle and the happy ending.” -Eli Hecht

“Klara’s terrifying experience in a Russian labor camp is awe inspiring. Her love of Grigory is the only thing that sustains her. A wonderful love story. You live every breathtaking moment.” -Wesley C. Greayer, Author of The Tornado Struck at Midnight

“Is there a single moment that causes a person to change his or her life? Under what conditions can a person persevere and still maintain hope? In writer Lilian Gafni’s new novel, ‘Hello Exile’, these themes and others are explored through stories of Jews who were frequently denied visas to flee the harsh repression of communism in the Soviet Union in the 1970s and ’80s. It is a tale of courage, love and friendship.” -Wambui Magua, Palos Verdes Peninsula News

“Lilian Gafni worked for the Commission on Soviet Jewry, and during the 1970s corresponded with prisoners of conscience at the height of visa denials for Soviet Jews. From that experience she has written a fascinating fictional account of Klara, a Soviet Jew who is not only denied a visa but sentenced to a slave labor camp in Siberia for four years. She must face backbreaking labor, grueling living conditions, and housing with convicts who threaten to rape her. Klara works hard to survive so she can return to the man she loves in Moscow.” -Kathryn Kirkland, Portland States Off the Shelf