Flower from Castile Trilogy

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In Flower from Castile Trilogy, Isabella Obrigon lives a life of privilege in Seville and about to be married to her fiancée Juan Escobar de Santilla. Her parents who adore her grant every one of her wishes. From this life of luxury and want for nothing she is kidnapped and forced to flee for her life. When a secret is revealed to her she becomes torn between her previous life and the new one imposed upon her.

Meanwhile, a group of Converso and Jewish dissenters led by Joao Treves meet to plan an escape from the arm of the Inquisition hounding them. They decide to kidnap Isabella Obrigon and hold her as hostage to facilitate their quest for freedom. They hear that in the near future, a voyage is to take place by an obscure Genoan by the name of Christopher Columbus, to search for a western route to Cathay, Cipangu, and the Indies–the land of spices.

At the court of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, Columbus begs their support for the expenses of this voyage. He asks for a reward and a title of Admiral of the Ocean Seas to restore him to riches from the poverty and in the pecuniary state he had been living since the death of his noble wife Felipa Perestrello y Moniz. A widower at the age of 40 and with two sons, Columbus is desperate to find a safe route to the Orient.

The Spanish Monarchs are interested in Columbus plans for the voyage, but instruct him to wait until the war with Granada is ended. Tired of waiting for seven years, and having been rejected so far from the court of King John II in Portugal, Columbus decides to leave Spain for the French court where he hopes to find support.

Book Themes:

Hope – The freedom to choose a better life is the eternal quest for men and women to become masters of their own destiny.

Loss of Innocence – Isabella Obrigon wakes up from a life of luxury to one where her faith and allegiance are tested. She must decide which world she will live in.

God and Spirituality – Queen Isabella of Spain wants to unite her land and kingdom under one faith: The Catholic Faith. To accomplish this goal she is pressured by Thomas de Torquemada, her childhood confessor. He reminds her that, she swore as a child that if she became queen she would rid Spain of corruption in the court, especially the court of her reigning brother Henry IV. This act would earn her the label of Catholic Queen by the Pope. In order to unite the kingdom of Spain under one flag and one religion, Spain must rid itself of all heretics. To accomplish this goal, an entire people must suffer and lose their land.

Discovery – Columbus’s daring dream of discovery and conquering the unknown is fueled by his ambition for fame and riches.

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