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  1. Hi Lilian! I’m just stopping by from Indies Unlimited. Thanks for sharing your environmental reminders/suggestions, and have a happy holiday! 🙂 ~Stephanie

    • Lilian Gafni says:

      Hi Stephanie. Thank you for stopping by from Indies Unlimited. I read your struggle on your blog and my heart and best wishes go out to you and your family for the challenge you all face.

  2. Happy Holidays. Stopped by from Indies Unlimited.

    • Lilian Gafni says:

      Sorry for the delay, and thank you Rayne for visiting my website from IU. I just checked your website and liked it very much. Have a great and productive year.

  3. Lilian Gafni says:

    Thank you David for visiting my website. If I find useful information during my travels, I then write the blog. I also do the research first on Google, Wikipedia, or other sources then use this information, or facts for my posts.

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